The Home Sweet Ohio.

Welcome to Dayton, Ohio airport. Just 1 hour from home. Here’s what greets you before my family.


The Repeat Valentine.

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Oh yeah that’s happening tomorrow.

Four years ago, I sat in my dorm room in NYC and watched the Giants beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

Yesterday I sat in my friend’s Murray Hill apartment and watched the Giants do it again.

Proud to be a New Yorker and proud to accept I may actually enjoy football.


“i don’t desire to be happy unless happiness is a universal right”

-buddy gray

february 19 1950 – november 15 1996

There’s something about a man with a plan that makes him memorable. If not everyday, remember buddy today.

It’s just like it was yesterday. I was 8. You were off being a hero. We love you and miss you.

When I was 8 –  I was just a kid. Third grade science tests and new best friends. But I remember that November – it was my mother standing by the school door so I wouldn’t take the bus – it was the silent ride home in the van with my sister – it was the sense deep inside my 8 year old self something was wrong – it was the moment my mother turned around after she put the car in park.

November 15, 1996 – a troubled man took away the life of my uncle. My uncle – buddy gray – was a hometown hero. He quit college and protested the Vietnam War despite his father’s disappointment. He moved to the worst neighborhood in Cincinnati and started letting the people who slept on the street, sleep in his own apartment. Then once day, he turned a building into a shelter, into a home for those homeless and had no where to go. He started the Drop Inn Center in Over-the-Rhine – in Cincinnati. It’s a place that still stands since the 70’s and since the passing of my uncle 15 years ago.

I remember the news that week – I remember the walk downtown where we scattered his ashes with hundreds of people – and I remember the speech my other uncle, his brother, gave. Some of the words echo in my head..  “He feared no man. He took nothing and he served everyone.”

Wish I could be there to walk the streets buddy walked on November 15. If you knew buddy or knew of his legacy, I encourage you to go and be a part of it – to share stories about him and everything he stood for. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about my uncle, my hero, and a man who fought many years to change an ongoing and extremely sad issue in inner city streets. Every day there’s one less person sleeping on Cincinnati’s streets, we can thank buddy. Without his vision, who would’ve fought the fight in Cincinnati?

Up in the Air.

Technology really doesn’t let me have my own time. I’m connected on the ground and in the air.

I can make a Skype call, email, or chat my co-workers… Right now the subway is the only place I can be unconnected. Even that is about to change.

Guess it is time to go abroad.

The Vacation: Chicago.

Chicago in the morning…

Hopefully that means sightseeing, blogging, photography, reading, and relaxation.

Stay tuned…